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The Best Portable Washing Machines 2018 - Guide and Reviews

The best portable washing machines are no doubt the best and deal appliances if you live in small house, an apartment and a full appliance like washer machine is not suitable option for you.

These best portable washing machines are designed to move from a storage space, such as a wardrobe, to a bathroom or kitchen where you can hook one up to a tap and start cleaning clothes. However, a portable appliance may not be the appliance you need, especially if you have the space for a huge appliance, or a huge family that needs many clothes cleaned at once.

The best portable washing machine provide the ability to at-home cleaning laundry features for areas where full-size machines are not an option. They are great for small flats, mobile houses, RVs, Caravans and other locations where space is restricted and cleaning laundry hookups are not available. They remove the need for frequent trips to expensive laundromats and having to conform to laundromat hours that may not always fit our own.

Front load portable washing machines usually use less water than any other appliance design, and the drum is set side to side in the machine and doesn't cover all of the clothes in water. Instead, the drum fills up with less water, and as the drum rotates, it draws clothes out of the water and falls them back in, so every piece of clothing gets soaked without the machine using nearly as much water.

How To Choose The Best Portable Washing Machine

Although all units have some concepts and components of design in common, the best portable washing machine have improvements that individual them from other designs. While you are looking for the best portable washer for your situation, keep the following in mind. If you like to travel a lot, you might be interested in best portable manual washing machines, these machines run without electricity, they are hand or foot powered portable washer. For camping it is definitely a good option, if you camp in a remote place where no electricity available it will help you to keep your clothes clean. But If you want to use it in apartment manual washing machines are not something you need to buy, Just a best mini washing machine will do the job and save your time as well. Keep reading this long article so you can decide what will be the best apartment washing machine. If you already know a lot about mini washers you may skip other text, jump into the comparison table below, hope it will help you to decide what kind of mini washing machine you do need.

Energy Efficiency

When you purchase any huge machine, energy-efficiency and yearly power costs should be a factor in your mind when you choose any appliance. Although portable washers are not as energy-efficient as full-sized designs, you can still low cost by finding one that does not use as much as much power. If you want to avoid wasting cash in the end, look for one that uses less power.

Design & Portability

One of the first components to consider when you look for the best small washing machines is its design and, of course, its mobility. You do not want to have to drag a difficult, heavy machine around the house whenever you need to do a lot of washing laundry. Look for a unit that is light and portable, but also contains components of design that make moving it a pain-free process, such as wheels that allow you to move it from one cabinet or room handles carry it easily. With a help of Best Framing nailer, you can set it anywhere.

Every portable compact washing machine has a spout adapter that allows you to plug the machine to a bathing room or kitchen spout to run a lot of washing laundry. This item is critical if your residence or home does not have machine hookups.

Best Portable Washing Machine

Before purchasing a portable washing machine, ensure to check your taps to see if they have threads, which allows you to use the spout adapter. Another factor to consider when searching for the best mini portable washing machine is a disturbance decrease design, which can be important if you live in a small space.

You will want to consider the potential of each portable washing machine to ensure you can fit a regular fill of washing laundry inside of it. Portable units are naturally smaller than full-sized units are, but if you tend to clean huge lots of garments, look for a machine with a high fill potential. Additionally, the quicker a machine can rotate your clothes during the cycle, the better. This eliminates excess wetness from your clothes, significance it takes less here we are at them to dry.

Cycles & Wash Settings

Every machine has different wash and cycle configurations that allow you to use the machine for different reasons. For example, every machine has a normal wash cycle, but not every machine has a sensitive cycle those cleansers clothes more carefully. Look for a machine that has numerous wash periods and level configurations, as this gives you more flexibility and more control as to how you wash your clothes.

Ease-of-Use Features

Every machine we analyzed comes with a few extra qualities and features to make simpler. For example, some designs has LED time-remaining indicators, to give you calculation of time have to wait before the cycle is over. 

Many portable washer also add a delay-start feature, so you can prepare the machine in the morning hours, set it to begin with in manufactured while you are at school or work, and have it complete the cycle when you walk in the door in the evening.

Other qualities to look for offer an end-of-cycle indicator, which signals you when the cycle is over so you do not forget your wet clothes in the machine, and dispensers that drop soap, conditioner and sometimes lighten at the appropriate duration of the wash cycle.

Recommended The Best Portable Washing Machine 2018

Washing machines are with the best features and convenient to use, yet many brands produce the low quality portable machines, so we have read the reviews of the customers and selected some of the best portable washing machines for you.

  • Manatee 11lb Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 31 x 25 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 11 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 110 Volts
  • Bismi Portable Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 10-12 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 110 Volts
  • Panda PAN50SW Small Portable Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 20.7 x 20.3 x 36.3 inches
  • Weight: 63.8 pounds
  • Single Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 11 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 120 Volts
  • Giantex Portable Mini Compact 11lb Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 14 x 28.35 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 11 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 300W
  • XtremepowerUS X998 Portable Compact Washer
  • Dimensions: 26 x 29 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 8.8 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 300W
  • Panda XPB45 Small Compact Portable Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 16 x 27 x 31.1 inches
  • Weight: 38.6 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 10-12 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 110 Volts
  • XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 15 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 8 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 200W
  • Della© Electric Portable Compact Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Twin Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 8.8 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 115 Volts
  • Panda XPB25-28A/PAN25A Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 14 x 19.3 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Single Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 5.5 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 170W
  • XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Washing Machine
  • Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Single Tub
  • Washing Capacity: 9 Lbs
  • Washing Power: 110 Volts

The Best Portable Washing Machine Reviews 2018

Manatee 11lb Mini Compact Twin Tub

Editor's Rating:

Here you can find a Manatee 11lb Little Light and portable Double Tub that goes anywhere.

This Manatee 11lb Little Light and portable Dual Tub washing machine is great for small plenty of such things as delicate, footwear, T-shirts, shower, denims etc.

This mini compact twin tub washer is a fantastic dimension to sit on a kitchen counter be that in your small residence, dormitory space or in an RV.

This is lightweight so you can use them on the kitchen counter by the drain and then shop it away for the next use. Manatee 11lb Little Light and portable Double Tub proven on the remaining has a 5.5 lb potential and is easy to use.

Just fill up with detergent, normal water, clothes and set the clock. No more carrying uncleanclothes to the washing laundry mat weekly along with the limitless search for areas. You will need to do several plenty but the at home comfort will be value it

Feature At a Glance

  • FEATURES : Built-In Drain Pump which easily instantly empties standard water from the washer
  • GREAT FOR : Apartments, Dorms, Motor Homes, Condos, RV's, Sailboat, Camping, and more
  • CAPACITY: 11 pounds
  • COLOR : White-colored and SKY BLUE
  • SIZE : 31 x 25 x 16 inches wide

2. Bismi Portable Compact Washer washing Machine & Spin Dry Cycle for 10-12 Lbs with Built-In Pump

Bismi Portable Compact Washer & Spin Dry Cycle for 10-12 Lbs with Built-In Pump

Bismi Portable Compact Washer & Spin Dry Cycle for 10-12 Lbs with Built-In Pump

Editor's Rating:

This professional grade standard washing machine is over loaded with amazing features making it worth to buy. It is a lightweight washing machine with powerful mechanism.

It does not consume much space and a perfect twin tub washing machine for any apartment. It makes the washing possible in compact and smaller places.

The washing tub or washer has capacity of 10-12 pounds and the dryer tub has the capacity of 6 pounds.

It can be used daily without any hassle. The dryer is made up of stainless steel giving you the best drying results. Your daily wears now do not have to weight to be washed with the heavier stuff. Now, you can wash them on daily basis. It also equipped with the timer of 15 minutes, so you don’t have to come and check again and again.

Feature At a Glance

  • It has the mechanism of daily washing
  • Consumes less space and can easily fit in a compact area
  • Small loads like towels, pants, undergarments, shirts, T-shirts and many more can easily be washed
  • Dimensions in inches: 27"(L) X 23"(W) X 15"(H)
  • Washing tub capacity: 10-12 pounds
  • Dryer tub capacity: 6-8 pounds
  • Item weight: upto 30 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 28.6 pounds
Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Fully Automatic 11lbs PAN50SW

Editor's Rating:

The Panda has amazingly "huge" power, clears very well, rotates very easily, and gets dry to a slightly wet state and once the garments are on the dehydrating holder overnight dry, they are probably dry previously.

A set of king scaled sheets; 2 sets of denims with several tops and socks; several of hooded sweatshirts along with sweating trousers and socks; 2 or 3 large shower along with 4 or 5 little towels and never had any problems.

For a little appliance, it has many functions. It has Countdown clock, with several ways and several level configurations.

In addition, it is silent. If you expect a small appliance, this is not for you. It is 24x24x36 high. In inclusion, you have to go away several of inches wide on the ends and the back for the lines. Eliminate the sink narrow or nozzle from your tap. With the screw, silver part of facet fast adaptor to the tap and tighten up strongly.

The adaptor has both male, female threads, you can select one dimension that meets your tap. one end of inlet water hose connects to COLD plug on the back of appliance, tighten up with a wrench and the other end of inlet water hose connects to the silver adaptor which is already set on sink.

Feature At a Glance

  • Functions silently with a disturbance level below 72 lbs
  • See-through watching lid and stainless-steel tub, Pulsator produces powerful and poor water flows
  • Touchpad manages and LED signal lighting, Delay start available, two paint rollers at the back for easy activity
  • 6 Fully automated clean cycles: regular, fast, pure cotton, denims, anti-wrinkle and air dry
  • Connect the appliance straight to your sink with the involved fast link adaptor kit and hoses
Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

This is our lightweight twin tub washing mashing with washer spin dryer, which is choose for doing washing laundry in a small atmosphere.

As for a convenient appliance, this appliance will be ideal for dormitories, flats, flats, motorhomes, RVs, hiking and more. The rotate dry is very and incredibly efficient.

Due to its dual facility, you can save good amount to purchase a dryer separately.

Twin tub washing mashing with washer spin dryer has definitely a good appliance for your limited place or small house or flat to cover limited area to use it with its multi functions. You can personally add the water into the appliance or connect it up to the tap.

This portable small appliance and rotate clothing dryer has customers talk about how small but super great this device is.Very light-weight and simple to use (the appliance - not the manual). Truly convenient. Clothes are very fresh. We will see how much time it continues. No doubt, it has very good value. You can trust and use it with full confidence.

Feature At a Glance

  • Color: White And Blue
  • Washer Size: Compact
  • Overall Size:24.8"X14"X28.35"(LxWxH)
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 54℃
  • Capacity 11 Lbs ;
  • Voltage Regularity :110V/60Hz,
  • Spinner Power : 110W;
  • Cleaning Power : 300W;
  • Spinner RPM: 1300
Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle

Editor's Rating:

This one is another one of the best washing machines we have in the market today. It consists of two tubs: one is the washing tub or washer with the capacity of 35L and the dryer tub with the capacity of 16L. It is an easy to operate machine.

If you prefer two tub machines over the single tub machine then this can be the first choice. It is convenient for the smaller loadings like socks and towels.

It can be a perfect second washing machine for you. People often think what is the need of buying two washing machines if both are doing the same job?

The machine with higher lbs capacity is not convenient to wash your every day clothes. They are suitable for the heavier stuff that is washed occasionally. So, for daily purpose it is better to buy a machine with small loads. Their mechanism is built keeping the everyday use in mind.

Feature At a Glance

  • Capacity of washer: 8.8 Lbs
  • Capacity of spin dry: 5.5 Lbs
  • Easy to operate and ideal for a nuclear family
  • Dimensions in inches: 29.2"(L) X 25.5"(W) X 16"(H)
  • Spinning Dryer Power: 135 W
  • Material type: portable washer
  • Washer power: 300 W
  • Item weight: 28 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 32.4 pounds
Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

Presenting a large 1 O-pound potential, a sturdy nasty body, and a modern all-in-one style (washer and dryer) that helps cleaning, Panda XPB45 offers customers value on a budget.

It works, has an easy top-loading style that helps running and unloading, and has a built-in push for easier depleting and or cleaning after utilization.

It also has excellent cleaning power (280-watts), a small 27 x 16 x 31.1-inch style that works well in limited areas, and a one-year assurance that includes all manufacturing problems.

Well-setup, Panda XPB45 satisfies the needs of 3-6 individuals. This Panda washer has a potential of 10lbs. It is about 3lbs more than the Panda B36. I cannot hook up an ordinary washer here and fed up with the visits to the laundromat especially in climate.

But when it come with washing laundry at your house, this model is amazing and multi features with very reasonable cost. You can use it without any hazard of covering much place in your small room or apartment.

Feature At a Glance

  • Panda is Top Product in Cleaning Device Category
  • Built-in pump for simple drainage
  • Provides various options for your need with top quality and client service
  • Good to see family of 3-6 people
  • XPB45 is greater potential of 10lbs -12lbs.
XtremepowerUS Electric Mini Portable Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

If you are looking for a second washing machine that can do the wash on daily basis, then this would be your first choice.

It is not so possible to wash routine clothes daily in the washing machine which has been manufactured for the heavier stuff.

That is why; most of the people today go for a second machine. However, before buying the second washing machine does not mean who buy anyone.

It is very important to go for the item that can fulfill your requirements and leads the satisfactory results. There are several functions and systems installed in washing machine that must suit your necessities.

This machine is equipped with all those necessary features. It is best for the small load items and sensitive clothes. Is compact size does not consume a lot of space. So, no need to worry if you have a smaller wash area.

Feature At a Glance

  • Suitable for delicate clothing like towels, shirts etc.
  • Comes in compact size makes it convenient for condos, apartments, motor homes, dorms, RV’S
  • Dual function mechanism enables complete washing work
  • Extremely easy to choose
  • 8 pounds washer capacity for medium or light laundry loads
  • Dimensions in inches: 28.5"(L) X 15"(W) X 24"(H)
  • Dry power source: electric
  • Wattage: 200 W
  • Fuel type: electric
  • Item weight: 25 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 33 pounds
Della© Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

It is a powerful machine with easier mechanism. Even if it is your first washing machine, you do not have to be worried. It can be operated easily.

It is a machine teeming up the most convenient features. For instance, the timer allows you to stay relax. Just put the loads inside the washer and set the time at 15 minutes.

No need to come and check. You can add any kind of clothing items in it (keep the washer capacity in mind) and you will get satisfactory results.

The capacity of washer is 4 kg or 8.8 pounds or 33L and the spin or dryer has the capacity of 2 kg or 4.4 pounds or 16L. It's compact design allows it to get fit even in a smaller wash area. You are supposed to fill the washer with water and set the timer and allow your clothes to be washed.

Feature At a Glance

  • A powerful and easy to operate machine
  • Can be used on daily basis for small loads like towels, shirts, T-shirts, undergarments and many more like this
  • The sufficient washer capacity allows strong cleaning of clothes
  • It is a washing machine with timer. You can set it up to 15 minutes and spin for 5 minutes
  • For places like apartments, condominiums, camping, RV’s, dorms, motor homes and many more like this; this washing machine is the most convenient
  • Compact design, best for those have smaller wash areas
  • Dimensions in inches: 26"(L) X 16"(W) X 31"(H)
  • Fuel type: electric
  • Voltage: 115 Volts/ 60hz
  • Watt power: 240
  • Item weight: 33 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 33 pounds
Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

The whole concept behind Convenient Light and portable Small Cleaning Devices is that they are of little dimension and light-weight. So you can shift them quickly around and put them wherever you want.

Because of their smaller portions they don’t take away much room. And these new designs do their job well using even less standard water than any side washing would do.

The potential of these portable washing machines is usually between 5 and 9 lbs. That indicates the fill of clothes will be quite little.

In the testimonials below you can discover all details about how much washing laundry you are able to put into the different designs of portable washing machines. Living in a RV, a houseboat or small home where there is actually not enough area for a complete washer/dryer combination and you don’t want to clean your washing laundry by side – this might be another purpose to look into Convenient Light and portable Small Cleaning Devices.

Feature At a Glance

  • Convenient appliance goes anywhere
  • Ideal for little plenty and delicate bras, socks, underwear, towels-shirts,etc
  • Easy to function, and robust Just fill up with standard water and set timer
  • Perfect for Dorms, Flats, Travel, your second appliance at home
Stark Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine

Editor's Rating:

If you are a nuclear family or a bachelor/spinster who is living alone, then it is the best washing machine you must go for. It has been designed for the small loads of 9Lbs.

It is a powerful and easy to operate machine. The user is only need to fill the tub with water and set the timer. In addition, it does not cover much space.

So, if you have a smaller washing area then no need to worry. This will not consume much space and you can place it in a corner saving rest of your space.

It is perfect for the apartments because their builders do not provide larger size wash area alike independent house. If you have a transferrable job, then do not even think of switching to any other washing machine because it is an easy to move washing machine.

Feature At a Glance

  • Best for small loadings like socks, towels, T-shirts, underwear etc
  • Does not consume much space
  • Have a powerful motor with easy to operate mechanism
  • Dimensions in inches: 23.3"(L) X 15.4"(W) X 15.3"(H)
  • Fuel type: electric
  • Material type: multi
  • Voltage: 110 Volts 60hz
  • Load capacity: 9Lbs
  • Low water level: 35L / 9 Gallon
  • High water level: 45L / 12 Gallon
  • Item weight: 10 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 17.6 pounds

Final Verdict

After analyzing a number of the best portable washing machine, we found that the Whirlpool HLP24E, the Midea MAE50 and the Miracle Cook MCSTCW16W2 are the best ones currently on the market. All three of these machines have strong yet convenient designs to successfully clean your clothes and fit in a little bathroom or kitchen.

They also have some of cycle configurations and comfort qualities to clean your clothes exactly the way you need and make washing laundry less of problems. Overall, these three the best portable washing machines merge great designs with many cleaning qualities to bring you efficient machine that can fit in little spaces.

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