Bismi Professional Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine Review

This is the largest portable twin tub washing machine, if you are looking for a portable washing machine for your professional or commercial use the probably this one will be your best choice.

Whether you are looking for a machine to wash undergarments, shirts or any heavy clothes this washer and Stainless Steel Dryer combination unit will give you the best performance.

However, with this portable washing machine, you will get dual facilities by the same machine like washing and dry even within a shorter time than others.

Portable Twin Tub

This Washing Machine has two tubs of 8 pounds capacity and 5 pounds capacity to use for different purposes, the biggest tub which is 8 pounds capacity that one is for washing clothes.

It is a big space to wash a lot of clothes together especially much effective for professional or commercial uses another part which in 5 pounds capacity is to dry your clothes.

However, it is great that with this highly capable washing machine you can wash many clothes together even it works with heavy duty for commercial use to wash any kinds of Shirts, Undergarments products, Jeans or any pants, Towels or thick clothes.

Bismi Professional Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine Review

Fast Wash or Spin Dry

At your busy days, this washing machine would be your best choice to save your valuable time because it works very quickly for both washing and drying.

Though this machine can wash a lot of clothes together, it can finish its duty by only 15 minutes. Actually to get your expected performance within shortest this one will be your best choice.

Although there is a control timer to set you the necessary time to wash and dry properly, it will save your time to complete the washing within the shortest time.

Slim and Save Your Space

Though it is a heavy duty washing machine, it got a slim fit body structure with 27 x 23 x 15 inches dimension which you can set in a comparably small place even sometimes you can set this machine in a corner space.

This portable machine included water inlet hose that can drain water while washing or drying are finished so as there is no way to make your space dirty nor damp.

The weight of this professional washing machine is only 28.6 pounds that you can move anywhere very quickly. The body structure is very is slim comfortable to hold, and you can move as per your necessary.

Best for Professional and Domestic Use

Anyone can purchase this washing machine for commercial or domestic use because this high-performance machine will help to wash and dry your lot of clothes even sometimes all clothes of your family together as well as it will increase the look of your place with available White or Silver color.

Whether you are choosing this portable washing machine for your business there the most important thing is it will help you increase your productivity and gain more profits even save your valuable time. This is a highly capable washing machine that can work even on heavy duty, especially for garments.

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  • Washing and drying by the same machine.
  • Highly performance within a short time.
  • Best for both Domestic or Professional use.
  • Slim body structure and easy to set anywhere.
  • Fast wash and spin dry by only 15 minutes.
  • Increase productivity for you Dry cleaning business.


  • This Machine does not have the built-in battery inside to run without direct electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the drum of this washer metal or plastic? 

A: The washer drum is plastic, the spin drum is metal.

Q: Does the machine have a built-in pump to drain water or uses gravity for this purpose?

A: Yes, this machine has a built in pump to drain water.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-performance portable wishing with both options to wash and dry, Bismi Professional Grade Compact Portable Washing Machine will be your best choice.

It is a heavy duty washing machine to save your time and wash your clothes any kinds of clothes at home. At your business even to use in your industry, it will give you the opportunity to save time and increase productivity.

I really suggest you to get one of this and hopefully you will do the same to others.

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