Why Buying Second Hand Washing Machine is a Bad idea

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With the cost of living going up it’s easy to see that people need to start minimizing what they buy. Finding new ways to save money is a continual struggle for many and in terms of appliances that are needed for everyday use, this can be quite difficult. The average appliance is never cheap, and unless the owner knows what they’re doing, the maintenance on such items can be just as pricey. When it comes to a washing machine, however, the money that is spent on the machine will often determine how efficient the machine really is. Buying a washing machine second hand is not always the best idea despite the fact that it is cheaper and much more cost effective. The truth is that by purchasing a used machine, you might be inheriting the same problems the previous owner had to deal with.


The Problem with Used Washing Machines


Much like automobiles, kitchen, beauty tools and laundry appliances are continually being redesigned and upgraded to better serve the average consumer. New models are seen on the showroom floors of retailers and home improvement stores constantly with new options, new gimmicks meant to please the consumer, and new, more expensive price tags. For these reasons alone many people would seek to find the cheapest and most reliable used appliances that they can find. However, this is a trap that has no obvious way out.


As designers continue to try and keep up with the constant demand of the public they will continue to redesign and revolutionize household appliances to make certain that they produce the most efficient machines possible. This has the unfortunate side effect of costing much more to the consumer, but the payoff is that they receive a machine that is built to withstand a great deal more than their old washing machine ever could.


The argument can be made that old washing machines are still quite reliable and in some cases tougher than their newer, shinier counterparts. Like an old car, they are easier to fix and don’t always require the expert advice or costly repairs that the newer models do. Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t always know how to repair or replace even the simplest components on a washing machine, so the cost of repairs still becomes an issue. From the issue of having to find the part to getting someone that knows what they’re doing to fix the unit old machines become a hassle that can quickly tax the patience of their owners.


There are a number of reasons why older washing machines are not a good idea to look at, including:


1) You might not know what you’re getting.


Whether or not the previous owner or dealer you’re buying the unit from tells you the machine runs great or is reliable, you still won’t know until you turn it on to wash a load of clothes. If everything runs as it should then it’s reasonable to assume that there’s no problem, but it’s still a gamble that is not as present with the newer machines. Pay attention to the price of the machine and if the previous owner is willing to run it through a cycle just to be sure. If they won’t do it then you might want to walk away.


2) Older machines don’t always include a warranty.


Unless you’re buying directly from a retailer there won’t be any chance of gaining a warranty. A private owner will want to sell the machine outright more often than not and might give you a quick rundown of how well the machine works, but if any repairs are needed you will be on your own and have to absorb the cost. Older machines might not cost as much considering that you can likely fix them, but unless you’re ready for the hassle then it’s not worth the trouble.


3) You might inherit any mechanical issues that the previous owner had to deal with.


There are many people that will be honest and straightforward when it comes to disclosing any pertinent information on how the machine runs. However, there are still those that are just looking to sell the machine or are oblivious to a problem that might eventually become quite serious. Older washing machines are known to develop problems as they age. Parts begin to break down and deteriorate, or the environment they’ve been kept in might have eroded their efficiency. In truth, anything can happen to a machine once it spends enough time in a consumer’s home. Check the seals, hoses, and other components that are known to wear out if you can before making your decision.


4) Any needed parts might suffer from limited availability.


It is always possible that your particular model was discontinued. This is less of a problem than others considering that many parts for such machines are quite common and can be found almost anywhere, but it is still a concern that you will need to think about. If a model is completely discontinued and requires a very specific part to function then you might be out of luck if your machine breaks down. If the parts for your model are no longer made or are considered a specialty item then the chances are that you’ll be paying more for the part than the machine is actually worth.

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Buying a used washing machine can be a risk, but it is also highly subject to how one feels about newer models and of course how much they can afford. Newer isn’t always better, as a 10-year old model can run just as efficiently as a current machine if kept up and maintained, but the average washing machine will suffer a great deal of wear and abuse within its first five years of use or less. Buying new is almost never cheap, but it presents less of a risk to the consumer. It’s usually better to buy from trusted retailers than from owners, but no matter where you buy to make certain you know what you’re getting.


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