Running shoes and sneakers can sometimes get dirtier or messy especially if you are running in a muddy environment. However, the dirt should not prevent you from exercising or training irrespective of the terrain or weather. You should also not unnecessarily dig deeper into your pockets to buy another pair of running shoes or sneakers because yours are too dirty. The washing machine can save you all these unnecessary inconveniences or costs by cleaning your shoes irrespective of how dirty they look or appear. Below is a simple guideline on how to clean your running shoes and sneakers in the washing machine without ruining them.

Start with Preparation

It is vital to note that you will not have to instantly drop your running shoes or sneakers directly to the washing machine. You will have to prepare them first through ways such as brushing them off especially when they are heavily muddy, or they have massive dirt elements such as street debris. This will ensure that the surface of your shoes will get enough exposure to the water and the cleaning agents. There are also other laundry products that are used to prepare them before putting them in the washing machine such cleaning them with the baking soda. You can do this several hours before washing them in the machine or even a night before the actual day.

You should also remove the shoe laces before putting them into the washing machine to be washed separately in the machines. This will ensure that the laces and the shoe-lace openings are also thoroughly cleaned. It is advisable to put the laces in a wash bag to prevent them from getting tangled while inside the machine. You can also purchase small zip-zop mesh bag for only a few bucks, and they are also reusable as well.

Understand the Operation of your Washing Machine

It is also important to understand the speed or the washing cycle of your machine. The washing machine that is gentle tends to have slower spinning and washing cycles, and these are the recommended ones for your sneakers or running shoes. That is because your shoes will not be excessively stressed therefore preventing them from wearing or tearing early as well. You should also ensure that your washing machine is set at cold temperatures. For those washing machines that already have inbuilt water temperature based on the speed of the water cycle, consider the gentle one.

Also, if you replace your washing machine with the one that is convenient with washing your sneakers, go for the front load washer rather than the top washer. The reason for picking the front load washer is because it will ensure that your running shoes are thoroughly cleaned. The top load washer does not allow thorough cleaning because the shoes will float to the top due to the foam that forms from the midsole section.

Protect your Shoes by Shielding Them

To prevent your running shoes or sneakers from excessive banging, you should apply shielding techniques. One of the most convenient ways of doing this is by loading your washing machine with another pile of dirty clothes or blankets or towels. However, you should be cautious when picking these shielding garments especially when your running shoes are very dirty to avoid ruining your clothes in the name of shielding.

Use the Detergent Wisely

Irrespective of the amount of dirt that your sneakers have, it is important that you use the standard amount when cleaning them. That is because the excess detergent will leave its residue in your sneakers which might have negative effects on them such as stains or stiffening. It is normal for a person to have an urge to use surplus detergent because of the excessive dirt on their running shoes but it is not a wise idea, and you should avoid it as much as possible. Additionally, any detergent can work diligently as long as it is not overused. It is also advisable to use liquid detergent.

Dry them wisely

One thing you should not do after cleaning your running shoes or sneakers is to put them in the dryer. That is because the dryer has a damaging effect on the sneakers and running shoes. When these shoes are put on the dryer, the high temperatures in the dryer will most likely loosen the glued parts of the shoes by making the shoes to crack or shrink which will ultimately ruin them. The wise options to dry your running shoes are by drying them in the air outside or an open window or placing them in the dehumidifier or AC unit.

For those shoes with insoles that are removable, it is advisable to dry them separately. You should also flip out the shoe tongue to enable more air to circulate freely inside your sneakers. You can also dry your running shoes or sneakers by inserting the newspapers that do not have any colored pictures on the interior of your shoes. You can then remove the newspapers and change them regularly with dry ones after several hours if you wish to have them dry up quickly.

Prepare them for the Wear (Optional)

At this stage, your running shoes or sneakers are ready to be worn, but you can go an extra mile and make them have a good smell or prevent them from bad odor. To achieve this, you can sprinkle the baby powder when they are completely dry to prevent them from producing inappropriate smell after wearing them.

The above process will ensure that your sneakers and running shoes are cleaned adequately without getting ruined. To maintain your running shoes better and keep them in good condition before the next washing, you should store them in a cool place or a mudroom or dark closet. It is advisable to wash them or prepare them for washing immediately after a wet running exercise. It is also wise to replace your sneakers or running shoes when you have used them for a long time because the fabrics weaken and this makes them vulnerable especially when running in a wet or muddy terrain and washing them using a washing machine.

Follow the above process carefully if you wish to make your running shoes and sneakers appear to be brand new every time after a running exercise irrespective of the terrain or weather condition.

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