How to Clean a Washing Machine


How to wash washing machine


Cleaning your home appliances on regular basis is very important. Do you know how to effectively clean your washing machine? Have you ever tried it and experienced an array of problems? If yes, then this primer will guide on how to do it like a professional.


Regularly cleaning your washing machine ensures it not only works, but also looks at its best. That means that your clothes will also look amazing.


Before looking at the steps you need to take to clean your machine, let’s first look at why cleaning is important.


Why clean the machine


The machine’s detergent drawer usually sees different kinds of cleaning softeners and solutions poured into it. When deposits of old detergents mix together and cling to the drawer, they not only offer unreliable laundry results, they can potentially block the machine entirely. Therefore, it’s highly important to learn how to clean your washing machine thoroughly. Additionally, you should know how to clean out the washing machine products.


Another reason to clean your machine has to do with hard water. It causes buildup of lime in pipes and components thus causing things to run slower. Your machine and pipes will be more efficient when lime is removed.


Do you live in areas with humid climate? Constant moisture in air prevents your washer from drying completely in between loads thus causing mildew and stale odors. You may use a home water softener.


When cleaning the machine, one of the areas you need to concentrate on are the filters. Filters exist to catch any grips, hair, coins or fluff that you may forget in your pockets. Normally, it’s found at the front of the machine just behind a tiny hatch. By keeping it free of any blockages, you can be able to prevent water build up. Often, that’s to blame for water damage and leaks to both the kitchen floor and machine.


While you clean, always allow air to circulate inside the drum. By doing that, you’ll be able to prevent the accumulation of excess humidity thus discourage bacteria from spreading.



What you’ll need


  • Baking soda
  • Bleach or white vinegar
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Toothbrush



Guide on how to clean a washing machine


Step 1: Fill your washer using the longest wash, hottest water setting and highest load size.


Step 2: Open the machine’s lid. Add a quarter of bleach or white vinegar as the washer tub fills. Vinegar tends to be better because unlike bleach it doesn’t contain toxins.


Step 3: Add one cup of baking soda. After that, close the lid and then allow the washer to shake up for one or two minutes. After that, open the machine’s lid again. Allow the water, baking soda, and vinegar to soak inside the washer tub for roughly one hour.


Step 4: While that happens, remove all the parts you can. Soak them and clean crannies and nooks under the lid. Scrub and soak any removable parts such as the fabric softer wells and bleach. After drying them thoroughly, replace them. Now, take a toothbrush and clean the upper part of the agitator as well as the hard-to-reach areas beneath the lid. Do the same to the area around the rim of the tub too. This is also the ideal time to clean the sides and front parts of your machine. However, don’t close the lid yet.


Step 5: After roughly one hour, close the machine’s lid and then allow the cycle to complete. Next, clean the top area of your machine as well as the dials. Console with a vinegar solution.


Step 6: This step is all about repeating the process. Run a single more hot wash with a vinegar quart inside. Doing that will clean away all residues left behind in the first cycle.


Step 7: Once your washer is drained, wipe the bottom and sides of the tub with a vinegar solution in order to get rid of any residue.


To ensure your machine remains fresh, leave the lid open between uses. It allows the interior to thoroughly dry out. Most importantly, it prevents mildew.


How to keep your washing machine smelling clean and fresh


A thorough washing machine cleaning ensures it remains fresh. Is there something smelly about yours? If yes, then it simply means that bacteria or mould-laden residue has accumulated inside. Fortunately, keeping your machine dirt-free is possible.


Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Always use as detergent as it’s necessary. The prudent thing to do is to adhere to the guidelines on a detergent’s packaging. This is because excess detergent tends to build up inside the machine. Follow these dosing guides to be on the safe side.
  2. Rinse off excess dirt from the soiled clothing prior to putting it in the machine.
  3. Utilize the home water softener that’s attached to the inflow pipe or the tablets in the machine in order to minimize limescale deposit build-up.
  4. As indicated earlier, always leave the machine’s door open between washing loads or just long enough for the interior to dry out. Doing that goes miles in reducing the possibility of mold growth. Do you have a front-loading washing machine? If yes, then it’s an incredible idea to leave the detergent drawer open as well.
  5. Every month, run an empty hot wash. It gets rid of any build-up that might already have occurred.



When using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines – putting soap in and then taking clean things out – many people forget that the appliance needs frequent cleaning. Not only washing machine, take good care of best chainsaw sharpener And boy doesn’t many top-loading workhorses need it! The truth is that cleaning an appliance, which is designed, for cleaning can sound somewhat counterintuitive. Nonetheless, for a washing machine to work optimally, it requires regular attention and care on your part. That is especially true for those with front-loading washers. This is because their design usually creates trouble spots that if left unchecked can cause nasty odors and funky mold.


Learning and understanding how to clean your machine by your own is paramount. The above are the seven steps you need to take in order to clean your machine like a professional.

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