Manatee 11lb Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Review 2019-2020

If you are looking for a big washing machine for your full family, Manatee WMO2 will be the best choice for you.This compact twin tub Washing Machine is probably the biggest and high capacity washing equipment to save your time and cost as well as you will get both facilities to wash your clothes and make them dry by the same machine.

This best compact twin tub washing machine has Built-in drain pump which drains water automatically from the washer that keeps your floor not to be damp.

This automatic drainage ensures to throw out full water from washing machine to your chosen place by a high quality plastic pipe.

Plastic Material and Multiple Operations

It is really awesome features that this machine has two partitions to wash your clothes and make them dry with the same machine, the big part is to wash your clothes and another one with the spin to make them dry.

However, this washing machine is made of high-quality plastic material which keeps it free from scratch and color damage. The portable doors are very flexible which you can open and close very quickly.

Manatee 11lb Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine Review

High Capacity but Anywhere to Use

This washing machine got a big capacity but strong ability, with this machine you can wash a lot of clothes together it can wash up to 11 pounds.

While you put clothes inside of the machine, then you can choice options which will be perfect for your cloths then machine works up to 11 pounds weight.

You can use this washing machine almost anywhere like Dorms, Apartments, Condos, Motor Homes, RV’s, Camping, Sailboat, etc.

Built-in Drain Pump

This washing has built-in drainage system to throw water from the machine by a plastic pipe from machine to anywhere you like, once the washing is done the pump will be work automatically.

However, this pumping system also connected to the dryer as once spin remove water from clothes and store under the net them the drainage pump remove water from the machine.

Reasonable Size With Available Colors

Manatee WMO2 works with standard power supply by 110 Volts electricity source with available plugs. It got an attractive look by a unique structure with White and Sky Blue available colors.

This high capacity washing machine got 31 x 25 x 16 inches size with 36 pounds weight

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  • Multiple uses for washing and drying by the same machine.
  • Built-in drain system to remove water precisely.
  • Unique body structure and easy to move.
  • Made of High-Quality plastic material.
  • Standard energy source


  • This Machine does not have any battery to run without direct electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manatee 11lb Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

Q: What is the max water temp for use? Is the temperature due to the hose, or the machine?

A:  It can handle any water temperature out your faucet. What are you trying to use it for

Q: How good is the pump? Does it drain all the water out of the washer?

A: Yes, it does, when you put it in the right way.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for good quality with perfect performance, then it will be your best choice. The performance of the machine is awesome with a high amount of clothes.

The multiples operation like washing and drying is a great option to get 2 in 1 as well as the built-in drain is very effective to throw water from both parts.

I really love to use this machine at my home and work and it will be great if you try with the machine even possibly you will recommend to others.

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