Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Review

If you have a small family and looking for a portable washing machine, this one will be your best option. Though this is a small machine but perfect for your small family with all the necessary facilities.

However, this machine has dual facilities including washing and drying clothes with very low consumption of electricity and little time duration.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine is a comparatively small size machine that you can set in a small place, and it does not create any loud noise.

Best for Small Family

This is a comparatively small washing machine with Washing Capacity11 Lbs; Overall 24.8″X14″X28.35″ size dimension with available white or blue color that would be perfect for your family because of its heavy performance and nice looks.

While you are using this machine, ou will feel more comfortable to use in a compact environment. It is really an ideal washing machine if you are just a couple or a small family. However it works faster than other washing machines.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Review

Washing and Drying

With this portable washing machine you will get both facilities washing and drying by a same machine. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine gives perfect performance for both sides and works with separate controller.

It has comparative big part to wash your cloths and a separate drier Spinner with 6.6 Lbs capacity to make dry your cloths, actually the washing space is double than dryer spinner so maybe you can dry twice.

Manual Controller

This machine has manual controller with three different controls keys to set Washing time, Draining water and setting Spinner time. It is really great that everything you can set yourself even you have a control to do how you want.

It has an excellent water drainage system with gravity and adapter that you can set even with your sink water tap.

Whether you are putting your cloths inside then you can set your prefer washing time by rolling the timer from 0 to 15. However you can choice the water temperature up to 54 degree Celsius from choice of Soft, Normal or Drain.

Once your washing is finished you have to move the cloths to drier spinner to make them dry there you can set timer between 0 to 5.

Anywhere to Use

This small but high performance washing machine that you can use almost anywhere like your dorms, apartment condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and many more places .

It looks really smart because of its unique body structure, it got small dimension that is easy to move. However this  machine works on 110V/60Hz electricity voltage frequency, 300W washing power and 110W Spinner.

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  • Small in size but best for small family or only for couples.
  • Works even on low voltage.
  • Nice body structure that bring excellent looking.
  • This washing machine does not create loud noise so you can feel more relax.
  • Manual controller that you can set yourself.
  • Drainage gravity to throw water after finishing washing and drying.
  • Washing and drying by a same machine.


  • The dryer spinner is smaller than washing capacity maybe you have to dry twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a pump, for draining the water or is it a gravity thing?

A:  There is a drain cord; you need a drain on the ground to let hose run to.

Q: Can you run both, the washer and the dry spin at the same time?

A:  No. You have to turn the control knob to the “drain” position to drain water from spinning which will also drain the water from the washtub too.

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Final Verdict

If you are only a couple or a small family of few members, this portable washing machine will be the best choice. Although it a small machine but the performance is satisfactory.

The manual controller will ensure that every is on your hands that your can control on your own choice based on your cotton quality and water temperature.

With this machine you will get both chances to wash and make your cloths dry by a same machine so you don’t need to think about drying your cloths. I would recommend this machine for your small family and hope you will be happy with this one.

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