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How To Make Soap Nut Powder Using Your Coffee Grinder: 100% Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent

Natural sop nuts

Do you ever know you can make your own detergent with this nature gifted fruit-Soap Nuts?  Many also call it Soap Berry. You will find these nuts basically in The Himalayas on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The powder prepared from this soap nut is totally Chemical free natural detergent, organic, safe and green you can use for all your household cleaning. What you first need that a clutch of soap nuts and a coffee grinder. I prefer Krups f203 coffee and spice grinder as it cracks the nuts very easily and almost like powder. Very beautiful oval shaped design just like this Krups f203 review says and excellent for coffee, spice, and nuts as well as economical too. Any food processor can go for it, but a coffee grinder produces fine powder which another machine cannot do.

krups bladegrinder soap nutt

I would not look for another machine when I get it both for coffee and for grinding soap nuts into fine powder for washing clothes more nicely and cleaning all other household materials. It’s like two birds killed in one stone!!! Just be sure you clean the grinder properly before grinding coffee beans as you don’t get those in your coffee! Don’t mess with cleaning; it’s easy enough with this grinder. Just sit to see how you lessen your expenditure!


You need good quality soap nuts for weak soap nuts do not do better work. Many people are purchasing good quality soap nuts from renowned seller or Amazon to get the best outcome.

Let see the process for your homemade natural detergent:

Take a handful of dry soap nuts shell and Grind them up until they turn into fine powder. Be sure the nuts are dry enough otherwise grinding will be difficult. Cover your nose with a piece of cloth as the dust from grinding can cause irritation in your nose. That powder smells like vinegar, somewhat fruity. Don’t worry about the smell. Your clothes will not hold this smell rather clean and fresh. Then your homemade detergent is ready for the wash. Take 2-3 tablespoon of soap nut powder into your washing machine and wash as usual. The amount depends on the load of clothes. You may scoop 6-7 tablespoons if you have pack of clothes


Recommended For best Result:

If you desire the best result from your soap nut powder, I would recommend these simple steps-

  1. Soak the soap nut powder in hot water for some time, many recommend for an hour. Soap nut powder Soaking in hot water hold the potency better
  2. percolate to throw out desecration
  3. Add the baking soda..same amount of or less than soap nut powder
  4. pour the mixture into the washing machine
  5. Soak clothes in the mixture and leave it half an hour to an hour and run the machine.

soap nut boilsoap nutt prepare

Keep soap nut powder into air tight box and use them as needed. If you use only soap nut fruit for washing clothes rather than powder, you can reuse them 6-7 times I hope. What you will do – keep the soap nuts out from the washing bag and dry them for next use until they are thrown out.


Other Uses of Soap Nut:

  1. Soap nut shell powder removes stains from your cloth. Use the mixture of soap nut powder, baking soda and lemon directly on the stains and let it leave for 5 minutes and wash away.
  2. A liquid soap from soap nut shell used for hand wash, shampoo and cleaning up anything in your household. Take 3-4 soap nut shell to a cooking pan with a mug of water, boil it and leave it for an hour keeping in simmer. Then filter the shells, put that into an airtight bottle, and you are ready to go!


soap nuts handwash

Toxic Washing detergent is harmful to your skin and the environment. Soap nuts powder is pure natural cleanser. All the benefits of normal detergent you will find in soap nut except the toxic chemicals in detergent and even it cleans better. Another great convenience that it will lessen your laundry cost by half! Wash your cloth safely, carefully and softly with the soft touch of soap nut powder. You will think after use why you did not discover it before!

Let it a try and know me how was your home experiment!


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