Panda Portable Small Compact Washing Machine Review

If you are looking for a Portable Washing Machine with all the latest features, this small compact portable washing machine will be the best option for your home. It has all the latest features that we got from the recent washing machine world’s update.

This Third Generation washing will keep you pressures free to control it because here everything is automatic from start command, take water inside to set the time or water temperature. You just put your clothes inside and set everything from its LED buttons.

Digital Controller

This is a unique washing machine with all the latest features; there is a LED keypad with few options including Power, select your prefer time or water temperature even motor speed.

While you are using the machine to wash your clothes you can put command by the digital controller, here are everything is set for you just choice your prefer option and go anywhere you want then the machine will be work automatically however if you want you can set the delay start as well.

Panda Portable Small Compact Washing Machine Review

3rd Generation Washing Machine

It is a third Generation washing machine with all the latest update washing machine facilities; by this machine, you got a right choice for your family. It is a cloth compact washing machine with available automatic functions and works on 120 volts electricity.

Whether you are going to setup the machine everything is almost ready, there are two water inputs hook to get hot and cold water separately, and a drain hose to remove water after washing your clothes, you can set the drain hose pipe even to your kitchen sink.

6 Fully Automatic Wash Cycles

The washing machine has 6 fully automatic wash cycles system; the automatic cycles make everything more easy and simple. However, this latest washing machine has normal, quick, cotton, jeans, anti-wrinkle, and air dry options.

While you put your clothes inside just set normal or quick option to set your prefer time even choice jeans or cotton to select as per your cotton quality then choose Anti – wrinkle or air dry option to choice the temperature.

Attractive Body Structure and No Sound Pollution

This top loaded washing machine got a beautiful body structure with 20.7 x 20.3 x 36.3 inches body dimension and nice looking white color with smart looking; the weight of this machine is only 63.8 pounds that you can move anywhere quickly.

Whether you are using the washing machine, it would not make much noise to disturb your family members even while you are using the quick process it will make noise blew 72 lbs.

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  • 6 Automatic functions to keep you hassle free.
  • Attractive body structure and smart looking.
  • LED Keypad to put your command.
  • Make noise blew 72 Ibs even on high-speed works.
  • Stainless Steel metal for long time use.
  • Third Generation machine with all new features


  • This washing machine does not have any wheels or rollers on it to move somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for a complete cycle?

A: About 45 min 

Q:  When in the cycle do you turn off the faucet? How does it not overflow or waste a ton of water?

A:  No, you do not have to, It automatically will stop water coming to your machine.

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Final Verdict

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine has all the latest features that we need at our home. This smart washing machine ensures satisfactory performance as well as it has the automatic keypad system.

Due to 6 different buttons, it makes easy to operate by anyone. The stainless still metal body structure ensures to use for a long time without any scratch.

However I am very happy with this machine, I enjoy and feel relax while I put cloths for washing so definitely I would recommend this machine to anyone.

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