Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Review

If you are looking for a best portable washing machine for comfortable and long time use, you can get one of the Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine 10Ibs. This washing machine has all the latest features including built-in pump, comfortable controller, etc.

The features of the machine are up to date even it has dryer spinner, so you don’t need to think about the additional dryer. However, these machines are easy to operate as well as ensure relaxing long time service without any faults.

Built-in Pump

This washing has a built-in pump with 110mm/43inch inlet hose and 140mm/54 inch drainage hose to maintain water flow. The pump works automatically while it will be needed.

While you are using this washing machine just join the inlet water hose with your water tab or any other water source and join drainage hose to bath tab or any suitable place to throw water outside.

Panda Small Mini Portable Counter Top Compact Washer Washing Machine

Washing and Drying

This washing machine has dual facilities like washing and drying by the same machine including 10-12Lbs washing capacity and 6.6 Lbs drying spinner. The drying spinner is half of washing part.

Whether you are washing clothes just put them into washing part then while washing is finished then bring them into the spinner, probably you have to try twice to drying spinner due to its small size.

Slim fit Body Structure

This portable machine got a slim fit body structure with size 27 × 16 × 31.1 Inch (68.5×40.5×79cm) body dimension and 17.5 Kg / 38.6 lbs net weight even available white color.

While you get the machine you can set this machine at a reasonable place even somewhere in the corner of your bathroom, however, it is not too heavy so you can move it easily as well as it has the portable bottom site to join some wheels and the white color bring a good looking at you toilet.

High Capacity Spinner Power

This washing machine has a high capacity drying spinner with 140W power capacity and 1300 Rolling capacity that ensure the maximum dryness for your clothes.

While you have finished the washing your clothes then put them into dryer spinner, it has a high power spinner even high level of rolling capacity that ensure to make your clothes dry within the shortest time.

Some Related products

There are another two seemlier products they are also by Panda, the features are all of them almost same, but the differences are only of the size and capacity; you can have a look on those are 15.4lbs Capacity and another one 19 lbs Capacity both are Spin Cycle Largest Size, Built-in Pump

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  • Easy to operate, only three control key
  • Washing and drying by the same machine, so you don’t need to think about the additional dryer.
  • Slim fit body structure
  • Work even 110 voltage electricity
  • This machine is not very noisy
  • Long water hose 110mm/43inch and Length of drain hose:140mm/54 inch
  • Built-in Pump.


  • The dryer spinner is smaller than washing part, so maybe you have to try twice to make your clothes dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does it hook up to a water source?

A:  The hose that comes with the package. You have to attach it to a faucet and connect it to the water inlet. Like magic there’s water.

Q:  How much capacity can the spin hold?

A:  The spinner capacity is 6.6 Lbs; it is half of washing capacity.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a washing machine for your apartment with medium capacity but that can work on heavy load, and you can use for a long time. This washing machine is probably for you.

It has all the necessary features including built-in pump and that ensure the water flow and high capacity spinner that can dry your clothes properly.

The size and weight are very reasonable so you can move easily somewhere else, but if you want to get bit higher capacity washing machine, then you can look for another two that has the same features. I recommend this portable washing machine even I have been using since last year.

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