Panda Small Mini Portable Counter Top Compact Washer Washing Machine

If you are looking for a small washing machine with all the necessary features, this small portable machine will be the right choice for you. This is the most recent and most updated features by US leading washing machine maker Panda.

While you get the machine, you get all the features like drying spinner, water gravity to remove water after finishing your work, even this machine is not too heavy and not too big as well so you can set up anywhere and move when you don’t need.

Washing and Drying

This washing machine mostly popular for its rare duel facilities like washing and drying in the same tub. However, it has 6Lbs capacity to wash your clothes and another spin basket which works as a dryer.

Whether you are washing your clothes just put washing article into tub then set your needed time from timer then after finishing you just put the spinner bucket into tub then as same as washing process.

Panda Small Mini Portable Counter Top Compact Washer Washing Machine

Best for Small Family

It is a small compact washing machine with only 6Lbs capacity, but it is best if you are a family or a couple with few kids even if you have a newborn baby as well as if you don’t want to use your big machine for few clothes.

While you are thinking to buy a small washing machine for your small family, this is best because with this machine you are getting all the features.

Anywhere to Use

This is a small machine with 14.2 x 14 x 19.3 inches body dimension and only 14 pounds weight that you can setup anywhere even due to its low weight you can move it quickly from one place to another.

Whether you are planning to setup this machine you should not be worried regarding please or space. However, you can put this device near your kitchen sink or closed to your bath tab even if you want you can keep it somewhere while you don’t need.

Easy to Operate

This washing machine is very easy to use, it has only timer key to controlling everything even drying spinner so you can feel relax because it does not take much time as well, mostly within 15 minutes washing will be done.

Whether you need to wash your clothes just plug the electric line, put your clothes, and add soap and water then set timer finally close the lit that’s all, to dry your clothes are almost same process just put your clothes into spinner bucket then put the bucket into tub finally cover the lit and start timer, within 5 minutes drying will be done.

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  • Easy to use, only one timer key to operate everything
  • Wash and Dry by the same machine.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Small and not too weight so you can move quickly.
  • Best for small family
  • Not too noisy
  • You can set anywhere even you can bring it when you need.
  • Ideal machine if you want one for travel time.


  • Due to only one tab for washing and spinner, this machine can’t wash and dry together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This doesn’t need to drain while in operation?

A:  It has a drain when the drain hose is unhooked & lowered. If it is on a hard or firm surface & not over filled it shouldn’t spill. 

Q:  How many gallons can this unit hold?

A:  Around 5 gallons just extended the drain hose with a section of a bike inter-tube and ripped tie.

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Final Verdict

If you have a small apartment, a small family of the only couple or with few kids even if you have a newborn baby otherwise if you already have a big machine which you don’t want to use for few clothes. In that case, this washing machine is the best choice for you.

Thought this is a small washing but its service is satisfactory for both washing and drying, I am really happy on the machine and definitely recommend to others.

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