Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle Review

If you are looking for a medium capacity portable washing machine for your family, this portable compact washer and spin dryer will best to get both options wash and dry at your home.

However, this machine is mostly famous for its heavy load that is perfect to delicate like underwear’s, socks-shirts, towels, Jeans and much more that are enabled to wash on medium load.

Perfect for Medium Load

If you have a family with few members there you can choice this washing machine; it has 8.8Lbs washing capacity and 5.5Lbs capacity of the spinner to dry your clothes up to 95%.

Whether you are using this machine, put your clothes into the washing part then wait until to be done, there is another dryer spinner by which you can make your clothes dry.

Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle Review

Built-in Pump

This washing machine has a built-in pump to take water inside while you put command to start then when the washing is finished pump will be work automatically to remove water out.

However, there is a plastic pipe to remove water that you can set anywhere you want to like your toilet sink or any suitable place even you can use your bath tub, but you have to be careful to ensure to flow the water freely.

Beautiful Body Structure

This differently designed washing machine got an excellent looking for its body structure of 29.2 x 25.5 x 16 inches size dimension with available white or blue color and 28 pounds weight.

While you get this machine for your apartment, you can put even in a corner at your toilet because it does not take a lot of space. The white or blue color bring a good look in your bathroom.

Manual Controllers

To keep everything at your hand, this washing machine has three different key rollers to set Washing timer that you need set time for your clothes, another in the middle to command when you need to throw water out and a key on the last to set spin drier time.

While you put your clothes inside to set the washing time between 0 to 12 and set water pumping option as well between Soft, Normal or Drain when you need.

Whether washing is finished put them into the dryer spinner and set your time between 0 to 5.

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  • Washing and drying by the same machine
  • Build-in dumping to remove water to your chosen place
  • Medium capacity that is perfect for family of few members
  • Best for Underwear, Socks-Shirts, Towels, etc
  • Manuel controller so everything you can control how you want
  • Nice and slim body structure.


  • This washing machine does have any battery inside to run it while you don’t have electricity at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does the water go to once it’s drained?

A:  It comes with a pipe which can connect machine and outlet that you can put anywhere you like.

Q: Do this dry clothes too?

A:  It has a spin dryer, which spins the clothes to about 95% dry. You will need to hang them to let them finish drying.

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Final Verdict

If you have a family of few members, so you need this medium capacity washing machine will all of your necessary features.

With this portable machine you will have duel facilities including washing and drying your clothes, so you don’t need to think about and additional drying machine, I have been using this machine for last 1 year and enjoining its perfect performance even once someone think to buy a washing machine I don’t forget to recommend this one

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