XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine Review

If you are looking for a portable small washing machine for a couple, new born baby or couple with few children even if you already have a big washing machine but you don’t want use for few cloths, in that case this washing machine will be best for you.

This washing machine is comparatively small in size but it has all the necessary features.

However maybe this machine will be look little funny to you because of its body structure but I can assure you that definitely you will enjoy its heavy duty performance.

Small But You Need It

This is a small portable machine of 23.6 x 15.8 x 15.3 inches body dimension with available aqua color but the performance is really excellent and satisfactory for 9Lbs loading capacity.

If you have a new born baby or sometimes you may don’t want use your regular washing machine then you can use xtremepowerus electric small mini portable compact washer washing machine although the machine is little bit small but it will be work for you at right time even it is not too noisy.

XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine Review

Anywhere to Set & Easy to Move

This is a small compact washing with slim dimension that you can set anywhere even its weight is only 10 pounds that you can move easily from one place to another place.

Whether you are using this washing machine you can put even near your kitchen sink or closed to your bath tab and after washing you can move it somewhere else actually it does not take lot of space and due to reasonable weight you can move it easily.

Easy to Operate

This machine is really hassle free it does not have lot of button to command for few actions it has just one controller key and height level of water loading capacity 45L / 12 Gallon and Lowest level of water capacity 35L / 9 Gallon.

While you are need to use this machine just put your cloths inside and set the timer between 0-15, as long you need for your cloths but keep in mind the amount water that is actually need for your cloths.

Proper Draining

This water machine has two pipes to take water inside for washing cloths and another one to remove water while washing is finished. The drainage system is very effective and keep you hassle free regarding control water flow.

Whether you need to use this machine just set the Water Inlet pipe even with your water tap for water sourcing and another one Water Outlet on your sink or bath tab to remove water from inside.

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  • Small and excellent looking washing machine.
  • Not too heavy so you can move easily.
  • Best for couples, single person or new born baby.
  • Transparent cover so you can watch that what is happening inside.
  • This machine does not take much space.
  • Small so you can operate anywhere.
  • Proper drainage system to control water flow.


  • This washing machine does not have any drier spinner so you have dry your cloths another way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a drain hose to empty the water?

A:  Yes indeed, it does have a drain hose even another hose to plug-in to fill it water either with hot, warm or cold.

Q: What is the noise level for this washer?

A:  About 5 out of 10 but it ok to place in a bathroom or kitchen.

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Final Verdict

If you are a single person or you have a new born baby even if you have few cloths but you don’t want to use you big machine so this one will be really best choice for you.

This washing does not consume lot of electricity or nor lot of water even it is comfortable to anywhere with proper drainage system.

I really love in this machine and I feel relax while I come back from work, this machine helps me to keep relax from hand washing hassle.

I don’t forget to recommend to my friends so you will be happy with its performance

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